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Founder of Academy & Grand Master
Thankappan Asan
Passed Away

Sri K.K.ThankappanGurukkal was the founder of  TNN Kalari Sangam. He was born in the year 1949 and was initiated into Kalari training at an early age of seven. He worked hard to revive Kalarippayat by conducting many stage shows and lecture demonstrations all over India which gained international attention.


Sri Thankappan Gurukkal inherited the tradition of Kalarippayat and Marma Chikitsa from his Ayurvedic family in north Malabar.


Sri. Thankappan Gurukkal passed away at the age of 73 on 24th December 2012 handing over the tradition to his sons Babu Asan. Vinod Kumar and Pramod Kumar

He is the recipient of many national and international awards and had also won the 2016 Spanish Free style fighting championship & Spanish 300 best martial artist Excellency Award for Achievement in 2016. For twenty years he represented the Kalari .  He won international awards Black Belt of the year 2016 and instructor of the year 2016 international martial arts Hall of Fame in Portugal.

He is the instructor of Kalarippayattu & Karate in Barcelona. He did lots of demo in Kalarippayattu in cultural programs and one of the best fighter & demonstretor in our accademy.









Welcome to International Martial Arts Academy Barcelona,Spain & India,  Barcelona’s Premier Family Martial Arts school. Since 2006, We have specialized in teaching children, families, and adults  kalrippayattu ( indian martial arts) and karate.  We teach defensive skills and personal safety but also try to help our students become the best persons they can be. Whether it’s developing improved concentration for better work or study habits, building confidence in one’s physical and mental ability, improving physical fitness, coordination, and balance, or developing a more positive outlook on life, studying martial arts provides an excellent means of achieving these goals.


Meibukan means "House of the pure-minded warrior."

The Meibukan Hombu Dojo was founded by Meitoku Yagi - Dai Sensei in 1952 prior to passing of Goju-Ryu founder, Chojun Miyagi in Okinawa, Japan.


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