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Encuentra tu paz con la meditación How to Meditate Meditating is easy. Raja Yoga even has the name



Step 1

Relaxation is about letting go of tension and stress and bringing the mind and body into a state of calm and peace ...

  • Relaxation in the forest

  • Relaxation of the muscles

  • Relaxation with the breath

  • Relaxation connection

Step 2

Concentration allows me to use my time productively, once I have relaxed: I focus on the thoughts I choose to have ...

  • Concentration flow of breath

  • Concentration on a point

  • Concentration on the word shanti

  • Concentration counting backwards

Step 3

Contemplation is reflecting deeply on myself, my inner world and my values…

  • Contemplation eternity

  • Contemplation on the true self

  • Contemplation being of light

  • Contemplation your core quality

Step 4

Realisation is when my understanding and feelings combine and I experience a more profound, more meaningful reality within…

  • Realisation love

  • Realisation pure light

  • Realisation eternity

  • Realisation soul shift

Step 5

Meditation is focusing on a thought and remembering my eternal identity, and re-awakening a wonderful state of well-being …

  • Meditation Beyond

  • Meditation to the Source

  • Meditation the simple shift

  • Meditation beyond the story.

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