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Kalari Marma Treatment

Kalari Treatments

Treatments have a great importance in the Kalari system as the training in Kalari can cause accidental injuries because of the use of weapons. Kalari Gurukkal is specialized in neurology and orthopedics to treat any such casualties. Apart from the Ayurvedic treatment, kalari has a specialized method of treatment called “Marma chikitsa”, treating the damages on vital parts of the body. Out of the 107 vital spots of the body 64 of them are fatal if injured, and this system of treatment cures injuries to any such parts. The training of a student to become a master includes the training in Ayurveda and in locating the vital points of the body. The traditional orthopedic system of Kalari is widely popular, especially for the setting of displaced bones.

TDN Kalari is famous for treatment of ortho, neuro and muscular diseases such as arthritis, spinal injuries, sports injuries, bone fractures, rheumatism etc. TDN Kalari follows the Ayurvedic Kalari system of Medicine which is mainly based on massage.

The Kalari uzhichil and massage are done using medicated oils (Thailams) and pastes specially prepared by kalari masters after studying the nature of sickness and the physic of the patient. Muscular injuries, broken bones, back ache, joint pains, spondilytis, arthritis and rheumatic diseases are treated with precision in kalari treatment. All ayurvedic medicines are prepared from specially selected herbal extract, herbal oils, animal products and naturally occurring minerals.

Benefits of Kalari Treatment:

  • Helps to free emotions and psychological blocks.

  • Allows sports people, dancers and performers to keep their body flexible and in superb state.

  • Stimulate the three circulatory systems of the body covering the back and front of the body, every muscle and ligament. The lymph system is the most directly affected creating a detoxifying effect and leaves you rejuvenated.

  • Helps to relieve body aches.

  • Deepens the breathing pattern.

  • Links mental and physical aspects of the body and increases mental concentration and energy.

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